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Marie did a very good job. She gave us honest and diligent feedback, managed it to time and had a flexible attitude, which was vital to us. I would recommend Huntley Legal without hesitation.

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Website Terms

Your website acts as the store front to your business and represents a significant investment in both time and money. As a result you should be aware that there are legal issues that can affect your website and that it is vital that you address these by including website terms and conditions.

These terms of use will set out what is expected of the visitors to your site, including your clients and or suppliers or rivals. This is necessary in many cases to establish and claim your rights in relation to the website, including intellectual property rights to the content and images on your site.

In addition to laying out your rights as a business, you should also seek to limit your liability as appropriate, whether that is by clarifying that you are not providing specific advice on the site, or by disclaiming liability for errors. Because it is almost inevitable that you will be using cookies to provide analytic data to monitor the use and success of the site and also to manage and enhance the visitor experience of your site, you will need to address your legal obligations in relation to Data Protection. This issue is usually addressed by a Privacy Policy and or a cookies policy and consent process. It is important that such policies actually reflect what you are doing with your site and have not simply been “borrowed” from elsewhere. Remember their set up behind their site may be very different.

Many businesses are unaware that routine corporate stationery requirements and regulatory disclosures and statements also need to be made on a website, and the Website Terms are a sensible place to address these issues.

If you are also conducting some of your trading on or through your site you will also need to address the eCommerce issues for the site.

It is worth remembering that if you aspire to sell your business, impress new clients or investors or suppliers, your website is a very public shop front and each of these groups can and will do their own due diligence on you. As businesses and consumers alike have become more sophisticated in their internet use and views and concerns on privacy, they will often look beyond the immediate design attractions and will check how you address the legal issues and privacy issues as an insight into how well your business is run.

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Why Choose Us For Your Website Terms?

When drafting website terms, it is important that knowledge of your sector is applied to the terms of use as there may be specific issues that need to be addressed. We will talk to you in detail to get a good understanding of these types of matters.

Our team will use their knowledge around website terms to include all necessary legal disclaimers offer the protection your business needs, whilst also supporting the website user to have a good experience of your site and that they are as protected as the law requires.

We can offer you a fixed or capped fee approach to your website terms by providing you an estimate of the work involved and the cost of this work. We will also discuss the deadlines involved in the work to make sure that we can met these needs.

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Huntley Legal provides an exceptionally professional yet personal service, and can be relied upon to deliver any project effectively and within deadline.

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