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Huntley Legal provided me with complete confidence that the sale of the business and assets of my national furniture assembly company was conducted in the most professional, efficient and effective way possible.

Jack Bock
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Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements apply in many different circumstances in your business, but invariably you can’t use the same commercial agreement across the board. This means that your business will usually require a range of agreements, each tailored to the specific purpose; whether that is to control a supplier relationship; confirm the goods or services sold to a client or manage a joint venture or some “partner” arrangement, and taking the various circumstances and dynamics of each relationship into account.

Although you may think that there is very little risk with the various commercial agreements you have in place, you should understand that if properly used they will be a key resource to manage a range of the legal, commercial and financial risks in your business. Well managed and well-presented agreements can also be part of your brand message and contribute to your professional or business credibility.

Key Issues

Whether you work from your own agreements or your suppliers, professional advisors and or significant clients provide you with their contractual terms it is vital that you have a clear understanding of the agreement in each case so that you can identify the key issues. This is especially the case where NHS or local authority procurement protocols are involved. Key issues usually include:

  • Whether the service/ goods to be provided are as you expect
  • If the pricing is as you expect
  • How long the agreement will be in place
  • How the risks associated with the arrangement are shared between you
  • How disputes may be resolved
  • If there are peculiar requirements or potentially costly legal risks
  • How you or your supplier/ client may exit the agreement
  • If there are sector specific regulatory requirements

Choose Huntley Legal

Our experienced team have considerable experience preparing and negotiating commercial contracts for clients in a variety of sectors, and advising on a range of agreements from standardised terms of business to one- off bespoke agreements. In some cases you will need to work from the agreements offered by your client or supplier and ensure that there are no huge risks or unexpected problems “in the small print”. We understand that for some sectors a short set of terms and conditions on the website or to go with the invoice are all that is acceptable from a presentational perspective. We understand that as a business, the issues you might face in preparing agreements will include not only the legal issues but also some issues around presentation and the “norms” of your sector or the terms that your competitors are prepared to offer.

So, whether you need ‘standard’ agreements that can be used with multiple clients, suppliers or sub-contractors or something more bespoke, such as a negotiated agreement for a large project or advice on a procurement tendering process, our team can provide you with the expertise you need and work closely with you to achieve agreements that work for your business in the way you want your business to work.

We will always keep the needs of your business at the heart of what we do, checking with you to ensure that you set the standards for your business and allow you to offer consistency across your business.

We offer a sensible and competitive approach to legal fees and where appropriate, such as the preparation of a much standardised agreement, we can usually offer a fixed or capped fee.

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Marie helped management to identify the key issues and provided efficient legal advice on how to address them. I would thoroughly recommend Huntley Legal’s services.

International Financial Services Firm

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