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Marie developed contracts for us which are professional and specific to our business and allow us to easily manage our relationships with very different clients and suppliers.

Kerry Quinn
Quinn Wilson Associates Limited

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Consumer Contracts

Consumers are given numerous rights in the UK, many coming from European legislation, and as a business selling goods or providing services to consumers, you should ensure that your customer facing contracts comply with these requirements, including for instance the Consumer Contracts (Information, cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2013.

As with other consumer protection regulations, if your agreements do not meet the requirements set out in these regulations, they will generally be treated as unenforceable by you, but usually fully enforceable against you. These, and some other regulations, also have an extra power, which is that you will in fact be guilty of committing an offence ( which can be punished by a fine) if you have failed to comply with providing the correct terms and information to a consumer.

There is an added complexity now because the regulations have different requirements according to whether the sale takes place in your business premises, at the consumer’s home or work or online/ mail order. For most businesses having a completely separate agreement for each method of sale will be at least awkward and probably an accident waiting to happen. It requires some thought and planning to make sure that your consumer facing agreements work within the requirements and also properly reflect your business model. And consistent with existing consumer rights, and indeed with good business practice and presentation, it is important that the consumer’s rights are clear and not simply buried “in the small print”.

Huntley Legal can help you to ensure that your consumer contracts meet the requirements set out in the Regulations, whether you are selling online, offline and in or away from your business premises.

How Can Huntley Legal Help You?

Huntley Legal have an experienced consumer contracts team who will take the time to clearly understand how your business works and will prepare your contracts with a view to meeting the legal requirements whilst reflecting your business model and chosen branding and marketing approach.

Due to our expertise in contract law, we are usually able to offer either fixed fees or capped fees in this type of work.

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Our clients say...

A knowledgeable and friendly service. It has been a pleasure working with Huntley Legal over the past two years. They are always available to help with any concerns that we have and we can be confident that the advice we receive is accurate and correct.

Jeffrey Orton
UK General Insurance Limited

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