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Huntley Legal provided me with complete confidence that the sale of the business and assets of my national furniture assembly company was conducted in the most professional, efficient and effective way possible.

Jack Bock
Jack Bock Limited

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Software and data licensing

If you have developed or plan to develop any software or data you will want to ensure that it is your business that is able to benefit from the development and exploitation of the intellectual property rights that are represented by that software or data.

However, if your legal arrangements are not correct from a very early stage in the process - and through to the sales and after sales stages - you may find that you do not reap the benefits of your investments.

We can advise you on the following key issues:

  • Copyright
  • Establishing ownership of software code/ data
  • Correct commissioning of development work
  • Database rights
  • The risks of Open Source data
  • Preserving your ownership
  • Licensing to your customers
  • Trade Mark Registration.

Whether your target market is multiple users or larger customers with bespoke requirements, we can draft and negotiate the necessary agreements including the following:

  • Developer Consultancy Agreement
  • Shrink Wrap Data Licences
  • Click Wrap Data  Licences
  • Shrink Wrap Software Licences
  • Click Wrap Software Licences
  • Software Development Agreement
  • Software Distribution and Resale Agreements
  • Data Distribution and Resale Agreements
  • End User Licences
  • Software As a Solution Development Agreement
  • Software As a Solution User Licence
  • Website Development Agreement
  • Website Hosting Agreement
  • Support Agreements
  • Assignment of Copyright
  • Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights.

Buying in Software or Data products

We can advise you on the appropriate terms to ensure that the rights granted to you meet your expectations; we can assist you in negotiating more favourable terms from the supplier. Where you are having software or data development work done to order for your business, we ensure that the contractual terms reflect this and do not leave you with no more rights than if you had purchased an ‘off the shelf’ product.

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Marie took the time to understand our business, which made her advice very pertinent and useful.

Guillaume Justier
Inmeres Solutions Limited

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