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A knowledgeable and friendly service. It has been a pleasure working with Huntley Legal over the past two years. They are always available to help with any concerns that we have and we can be confident that the advice we receive is accurate and correct.

Jeffrey Orton
UK General Insurance Limited

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Latest Reviews For Our Legal Services

A selection of feedback we have received from our clients

Warrick Chamberlain, Director and Shareholder of Greenstone Pest Control Ltd.

In the sale of my small business I found Marie Huntly helpful and efficient communicator who gave good solid advice regarding the sale process and contract setup. Her services were recommended by a client of mine and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to someone requiring commercial or corporate legal advice.

Jorge Manuel Soares, Chief Executive Officer, Agile Business Process UK Ltd

Huntley Legal team have been doing a great job supporting our business to grow with the necessary advisory and legal protection. This was, is and will be key to make our business journey as smooth as possible. Outstanding work. I am happy to recommend them.

Nick Jervis, Director, Samson Consulting Ltd.

Marie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She really grasps what I need for my business and then provides it within the agreed timescale.

I am very happy to recommend her excellent commercial legal services.

Shareholder/ Director : (Re: Sale of shares and settlement agreement)

I read some online articles written by Marie Huntley regarding share sale agreements so made an enquiry in connection with something similar, including a settlement agreement.  The enquiry was responded to immediately. Marie Huntley was nothing short of professional and courteous throughout my dealings with her. Everything was clearly explained and communicated with all queries and concerns fully answered.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Huntley Legal for any matter concerning employment law and negotiation.

David Lockett, ( Re sale of business interests)

The service was very good, nothing was a problem, Very easy to talk to and always someone there to sort it.  Thanks, and happy to recommend Huntley Legal.

Design Company  (Director)

I found Marie personable and professional in equal measure which was ideal for helping guide in the right direction whilst we were navigating ourselves through some complicated contracts. Her response was speedy and accurate and I felt we were in safe hands throughout the time frame and appreciated her direct approach. I am happy to recommend Huntley Legal.

Super Serve Ltd (James Ozdemir, Director)

I recommend Huntley Legal without hesitation. They supported us in developing a number of essential legal documents and throughout, we found them very professional, thorough in their approach and always willing to answer our questions.

Brittpac Ltd (Richard Fox, Director)

"Another transaction brilliantly and efficiently handled by Huntley Legal.  Very reasonably priced too. I would be happy to recommend Huntley Legal."

Samson Consulting Limited. Nick Jervis, Director

"Marie was a delight to work with, fast, efficient and very approachable."

Educational client: (Review of banking documents)

" I found the service provided by Huntley Legal to be speedy and efficient. The comprehensive review of our Waiver and Amendment letter provided useful information which will enable us to have informed discussions with the bank."

Michael Blunden

"An excellent experience, very clearly explained and professionally dealt with from start to finish at a competitive price. I would recommend Huntley Legal."

Nicola Blackwell

"Marie had a very friendly approach, which made me feel at ease. She did not have time limits when listening to my issues or when providing advice, the advice given was always helpful and of excellent quality.

I would not hesitate to use Huntley Legal again or indeed recommend them to others."

Kenny Leger Kjaer, Director, Annie's Nest Limited

 " If you want something done quickly - that puts your patience to the test

Go to Marie Huntley - she has a solution and is simply the best

Friendly, forthcoming, frank and fair

She does what is rare

She fixes what need fixing - just sit back and relax

All included (Tea, coffee, smiles, VAT and tax)"

Richard Cardona, Director and shareholder,

“Dealing with some very complex Company Law issues, it was good to have support and help with Marie being very knowledgeable and accommodating in this field of law.

I would use Marie again and recommend her to anyone requiring advice.” 

Greenserve Maintenance Limited,

John Goldenberg, Director. (Corporate work).

“Marie has been outstanding in her support of our business.  We are an SME building maintenance company and find the level of service provided by Marie is perfect for us.  She is very knowledgeable in corporate law and has always been available when we need her.    Very professional and efficient. We are happy to recommend Huntley Legal.”

Successful sale of professional services company to large national conglomerate.

"Huntley Legal guided us through an intense Due Diligence process resulting in the successful sale of our company. The key steps in the process and the ramifications of certain legal issues were very well explained, enabling us to make informed decisions. We found the legal team very responsive and pleasant to deal with throughout, and would not hesitate to recommend Huntley Legal."

Simon O'Shea: Review of settlement agreement.

"Marie Huntley was very professional and easy to deal with, and I would be happy to recomend Huntley Legal." 

Juan Guera, CEO, Student Funder Limited, Corporate fund raising procedures.

We found Huntley Legal's service to be personable and responsive, and would recommend it.

McLarrons Limited: Susan Lewis, Operations Manager: Insurance terms of business agreement.

"We were setting up agreements to sell to other insurance brokers and I was worried that what we had was not adequate. Marie was very knowledgeable on the subject matter, was easy to work with and worked to prompt response times. Huntley Legal had a good understanding of our requirements and provided an excellent service in a timely manner."

Bizmedia Limited: Peter Williams for shareholders selling to CloserStill Acquisitions Ltd.

"Marie successfully handled the sale of our company via a share disposal. The deal was done in a very short time frame against a fixed deadline and Marie was available at all times to make this possible. Marie supported us with advice on the Share Purchase Agreement and related Service Agreement."

"You get sound corporate knowledge and advice and a great professional service, a realistic and commercial approach delivered with a cheerful "can do" attitude. I would recommend Marie."

Hounslow Chamber of Commerce: Chris Durkin, Director & Vice President.

"The Chamber's contracts of employment had become very out of date and unsatisfactory. Huntley Legal drafted up to date agreements which meet the needs of the Chamber and the individuals. We received excellent service and thorough advice. The biggest benefits to us of the way the service was delievered were integrity, diligence and impartiality."

"You are welcome to pass this feedback on to any other clients or parties interested in using your services."

Mustafa Erdem, Architect.

"Marie advised me on the company law issues around the solvent winding up of my old company including resolving matters with my former business partner. Marie listened carefully to my concerns and provided me with valuable advice. The respectful relationship which Marie developed with me and with my former business partner helped the process greatly and enabled us to reach a suitable agreement which Huntley Legal prepared."

" I would definitely recommend Huntley Legal's very friendly service and excellent legal advice." ....."thank you again for the services you provided."

JSW Insurance Services Limited: Michael Whitfield for the shareholders selling to the County Group.

"If you're looking for meticulous, but non-pedantic attention to detail and a friendly and pragmatic approach from your lawyer, you've come to the right firm!"

" We knew that selling this multi-office FCA regulated insurance broking company would be a complex transaction requiring specialist and in depth knowledge. Marie's background as a lawyer in the insurance sector meant that Huntley Legal offered us just that and made a success of this complicated transaction. We also wanted the deal completed efficiently and without fuss. We received pragmatic and commercially aware items of advice as needed and Huntley Legal provided an efficient and fuss-free service with a "nothing too much trouble" attitude."

Derek Findlayson, Commercial, Strategy & Proposition Director, Keychoice Underwriting Limited

"As we are a regulated financial services company and part of a large Venture Capital backed business, we wanted a lawyer who could overcome our business challenges in a professional manner whilst ensuring we remain compliant with our regulatory obligations. Marie certainly achieved this as she is able to articulate and interpret business challenges in a way in which individuals, regardless of their legal knowledge or background can easily understand. Marie was always available when needed and made every effort to ensure the service we received was exceptional. I would have no hesitation recommending Marie to any business."

Alchemy Management Services Limited: John Bonney, Director.

Project: To arrange licensing agreements to allow Alchemy to bring their highly specialist services to market in the United States for the first time.

"We were concerned about the complexity of a licensing agreement with a foreign company. Marie showed a very rapid and clear understanding of our products and our needs and provided an efficient service and advised us on trademark issues. This is a key agreement for us and Huntley Legal worked through what we needed, advised on how we could protect our intellectual property and developed the agreement to meet our needs. The agreement has allowed us successfully to set up the licensing arrangement with our US licensee, WFCA."

Humphrey Bartosik, Inventor.

Project: This young inventor was in the procress of pitching his proposal to a major corporation and wanted to protect his intellectual property rights and confidentiality and to be advised on the legal issues arising from the process.

"Huntley Legal "does what it says on the tin" and can be relied upon for a thorough legal assessment of any given problem."

"I now feel that I have taken all the measures I am able to to protect my intellectual property"........."and I like the swift responses I get.......and the excellent customer service Marie offers in the form of a friendly, clinical legal consultant."

David Blackler, Shareholder, (Clean Tech Sector)

"We were unsure which firm of solicitors to appoint which could provide us with a cost effective and personal service. Huntley Legal was able to provide this to us coupled with a quick turnaround and very clear advice. Any other business looking for these traits in their legal representation should definitely consider Huntley Legal. "

Guillaume Justier, Director, Inmeres Solutions Limited

“I was concerned that our standard contract would not stand up to scrutiny if challenged.  With the new contract (prepared by Huntley Legal) I am now confident to stand behind all the different contractual points when negotiating, as I understand why each is in the contract.  Marie is very knowledgeable and took the time to understand our business, which made her advice very pertinent and useful.  It was particularly helpful that Marie explains things clearly rather than in “lawyers’ talk”, which can sometimes be intimidating.”

Kerry Quinn, Managing Director, Quinn Wilson Associates Limited

“When I appointed Huntley Legal, my business did not have a bespoke contract for use with our clients. The difficulty was that we offer a range of quite different services to our clients and each client will pick a selection to suit their needs.  Huntley Legal developed contracts for us which are professional and specific to our business ... we now have  core agreements, with ready-made schedules for each we can manage the relationships and give each client an agreement tailored to their order.

I have had the pleasure of working with Marie on a number of different commercial aspects of my business. Marie understood my business and its operations and made commercial suggestions which have added a great deal of value to my business.  Marie is an extremely astute professional business lawyer and also has a formidable work ethic and I have no hesitation in recommending Marie to business owners. “

Mansoor Zafar, Director, Franchise Food Limited

“The transaction was complicated and we were concerned that the comprehension of everything involved was difficult and the advice required would be problematic. However, Marie did a very good job. She gave us honest and diligent feedback, managed it to time and had a flexible attitude, which was vital to us. I would recommend Huntley Legal without hesitation.“

Peter Charles, Peter Charles Limited

“I was concerned to find a lawyer who would understand the straight forward, plain English way in which I would like to interact on a legal basis. Marie has taken into account my need to make things easy for my suppliers and customers. She has understood that I need a slightly different approach to giving advice because I am dyslexic; and Marie works closely with all my colleagues to ensure that we are all able to make best use of the available time. I am happy to recommend Huntley Legal because of the pragmatic way each new problem or requirement is addressed. Marie’s pragmatism is a great quality and I would like to thank her for the work that she has done for me.”

Alison Quaile, Operations Manager, Keychoice Underwriting Limited

“Huntley Legal provides an exceptionally professional yet personal service, and can be relied upon to deliver any project effectively and within deadline. I can pick up the phone at any time to discuss pertinent issues that I have, and will always receive a welcoming response and a tailored solution to my query. Marie and her team provide a personal, advised and solution-based service which sets them apart from their competitors. They have detailed knowledge of our industry and its complex legal requirements and always offer us an independent, educated perspective. We are treated with personal care and attention rather than as just another customer.

We had a particular issue with a contract that contained unacceptable terms, which the other party was unwilling to amend. Marie, utilising her considerable legal and negotiation skills, managed to secure changes to the contract so that it was acceptable to us. If we had been unable to achieve this result, we would have withdrawn from the proposed arrangement. We were therefore delighted that negotiations resulted in a satisfactory conclusion.”

Director, International Financial Services Firm

“Huntley Legal worked with our management from the start to finish of a confidential project to dispose of one of our subsidiary businesses. Marie provided practical commercial and legal advice that allowed us to complete the sale to budget and on time; she helped management to identify the key issues and provided efficient legal advice on how to address them. I would thoroughly recommend Huntley Legal’s services.”

Jeffrey Orton, Manager, Risk Management and Compliance, UK General Insurance Limited

“Our trading agreements were out-dated and needed revision to keep up with changes in our binder arrangements with insurers. We have developed a standard suite of documents, which allows us to do this with all of our trading partners.  The key benefits to us of Huntley Legal’s service are their understanding of the market we operate in, speed of delivery and accuracy of advice.

A knowledgeable and friendly service.  It has been a pleasure working with Huntley Legal over the past two years. They are always available to help with any concerns that we have and we can be confident that the advice we receive is accurate and correct. “

Jack Bock, Managing Director of Jack Bock Limited

“Huntley Legal provided me with complete confidence that the sale of the business and assets of my national furniture assembly company was conducted in the most professional, efficient and effective way possible. The personal approach and focus on our best interests was excellent. Marie’s level of contact, speed of executing the deal and reasonable costs were all highly commendable and I would not hesitate to recommend Huntley Legal’s services.”

Tim Rolfe. Managing Director, PBS Holdings Limited

"Marie has provided us with prompt and sound advice on complex agreements and lengthy negotiations. Marie has successfully applied her extensive knowledge of insurance, financial services law and business to achieving our commercial goals.

Huntley Legal provided us with a high level of legal and commercial expertise. Her work has been to a very high standard and responses were delivered promptly which allowed us to maintain the initiative on the commercial deal in hand."

Felicia Meyerowitz, Finance Director, Prime Professions Limited

"Our insurance broking business receives excellent legal advice across a range of insurance, commercial and compliance issues. The advice is always worked through to practical application and ready for presentation to clients and other trading partners. Importantly, responses are timely, enabling us to meet our commercial requirements in the required timeframes."

Lance Harvey, Managing Director, Rural Insurance Group Limited

"... a promptly delivered service which is responsive and client focussed"

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Our clients say...

Marie took the time to understand our business, which made her advice very pertinent and useful.

Guillaume Justier
Inmeres Solutions Limited

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