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Supplier Agreements

The agreements which you have with the suppliers providing goods and or services (often including staff) to your business are absolutely key to ensuring that your business is supported and not tormented by those suppliers.

We frequently review supplier agreements on behalf of our clients, and see an extraordinary range of terms and quality. Some suppliers will start from the position of offering to provide their goods or services to appropriate standards, and go to the trouble of ensuring the agreement accurately describes the deal you have agreed with them. Others will provide an agreement which lists approximately lists the services or goods that you expect but which studiously avoids any promises about the quality and timing or even the stability of supply and price.

Often the goods or services you are purchasing from a supplier are a key component in   your offering to your customers. This can be the case even where the particular supplier is not your most significant supplier in terms of cost. If so you will need reassurance as to the continuity of supply. This continuity can be seriously at risk if the Supplier could exit the arrangement on very short notice or would not be obliged to remedy the situation if they were late in delivering the goods or performing the services.

Top priorities for business buyers are usually a combination of quality and price, which reflects what they expect from the particular purchase of goods or services and the level of importance they give to it. So having done your research and chosen your preferred supplier and negotiated with them on price and other specifics of your order, you need to be sure that the deal you have so carefully done is supported by the agreement.

We work with clients to ensure that their supplier agreements:

  • Describe the goods or services they have agreed to purchase
  • Clearly state the quality of the goods or the standards for the services
  • Secure the level of continuity that the client requires
  • Address relevant issues such as:
    • Intellectual property
    • Confidentiality
    • Exclusivity/ competition
    • Set out how disputes will be dealt with
    • Provide remedies for failures by the Supplier

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