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Most businesses today understand the necessity of having an online presence, in many cases businesses have some or all of their sales activity taking place online and an increasing number of businesses have essentially set up online and never had a “bricks and mortar” existence. This applies across almost all sectors and certainly all sizes and shapes of business, from large international or national companies through the wide range of SME’s even to micro businesses.

Deciding to have an online presence hardly seems like a decision any more, and taking some or all of your actual trading activity online seems increasingly obvious and normal across all sectors. However, it is just, if not more, vital to make sure that the legal aspects of your business’ online life are as well managed as they are or would be offline in the “real” or “bricks and mortar” environment.

Some Issues to Consider in Ecommerce:

  • Are your customers’ consumers or businesses or both?
  • Do you have a clear agreement with each online customer?
  • Is it clear when each customer commits to their purchase?
  • Is it clear what if any cancellation rights the customer has?
  • Are you clear about the terms of the agreement with the online payment system you are using?
  • Do you know whether you can use your customers’ information for marketing?
  • Do you have a compliant Cookies policy?
  • How are you protecting the intellectual property contained in your website or other online forums?
  • Are you meeting company law and any sector specific regulations around the way you manage your online sales or service provisions?

If your business already has an online trading offering you may need to ensure that any agreements that you have in place to govern the use by visitors of your website, the privacy policy and cookies policy and importantly the actual purchases and payments are up to date and effective and meet any consumer protection and other legal requirements.

As you can see the implications of trading online are wide ranging and potentially serious if they are neglected.

Why Choose Huntley Legal?

Our team can help your business to deal with the issues relating to your eCommerce activities, including the management of the sales process to ensure that it is a legally robust process, and the management of issues around the all-important intellectual property contained in your websites and or portals.

We continually work with clients across a range of sectors that are making innovative, cutting edge strides in the world of eCommerce and in hosted services, and consequently we have extensive knowledge of the issues and solutions for trading in this environment.

Whether you need agreements to work with a cutting edge offering or you need to ensure that your eCommerce terms are clear and up to date, or that your payment services agreement supports your business model, we are able to support you with our experience and expertise in this area.

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Our clients say...

I am happy to recommend Huntley Legal because of the pragmatic way each new problem or requirement is addressed. Marie’s pragmatism is a great quality.

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