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A knowledgeable and friendly service. It has been a pleasure working with Huntley Legal over the past two years. They are always available to help with any concerns that we have and we can be confident that the advice we receive is accurate and correct.

Jeffrey Orton
UK General Insurance Limited

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Customer and Client Agreements

Are you like many businesses and many of their customers who see the formal agreement between them as a necessary evil and they know they ought to get it signed before or least sometime shortly after they start working together?

Almost every client facing business has a standard set of terms and conditions on which they work with their customers. Sometimes the larger customers will have their own agreement that they insist on using with their suppliers. 

A well put together agreement will ensure that both the business and the customer have the same answers to the following questions:

  • What goods/ services are to be supplied?
  • When?
  • To what quality/standards
  • At what price?
  • How and when is that price going to be paid?
  • What happens if payment is late?
  • What happens if the goods or services are late / not good enough?
  • How will any disagreement be resolved?

If this sounds very basic, it is worth remembering that unless each of these points is clear at the beginning there is huge scope for disappointed customer expectations, and disappointment is probably the fastest of fast tracks to a broken customer relationship. 

We work with our clients to provide clear, easy to use agreements that designed for their current business model and customer offerings. We use modern formatting and wherever possible help our clients take full advantage of the efficiencies of ecommerce routes for setting up agreements. 

Our clients routinely report back that these agreements are:

  • Now used as part of the branded sales proposition 
  • Better understood by the sales team and customers
  • Well received by customers
  • Getting signed up earlier in the customer relationship
  • Reducing pricing queries and disputes

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Our clients say...

Marie did a very good job. She gave us honest and diligent feedback, managed it to time and had a flexible attitude, which was vital to us. I would recommend Huntley Legal without hesitation.

Mansoor Zafar
Franchise Food Limited

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