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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance can play an important role in demonstrating your commitment to running your business in an orderly and structured manner. The Corporate Governance code outlines best practice for businesses regarding a number of activities, such as leadership of the board, accountability and remuneration.

Each of these factors individually are key indicators of how healthy your business is, and when joined together can provide an attractive platform to present your business in the best possible light. This can be particularly helpful whether you are seeking to establish your business’ credibility with potential clients or suppliers, particularly the more sophisticated potential clients and or lenders and investors.  Alternatively, if you are readying your business for sale, sound corporate governance offers you the opportunity to show that your business is in order and is competently run, and to enhance its potential value to potential buyers or investors.

Corporate governance works at several levels. In terms of corporate governance codes there is the UK Corporate Governance code which applies to companies listed on the stock exchange; and the relevant code for those listed on AIM and there is a range of other codes and best practice, applied in a similar fashion by companies that are not listed.

In addition there are the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 and various accounting and audit requirements which will apply to your company.

Directors also face legal requirements and risks on a number of other fronts such as in relation to Health and Safety legislation; the Bribery Act 2010 and immigration and or Money- Laundering Regulations.

At its core Corporate Governance is about a company’s overall ethos and allow it to manage, monitor and demonstrate its regard and respect for its legal obligations and for all of its stakeholders, whether they are the investors, employees, suppliers or clients or the wider community.

Huntley Legal And Corporate Governance

Our team of corporate law specialists can offer you sound advice in relation to your corporate governance needs. We can work with you to prepare a plan and a corporate governance structure appropriate to your company and to assist you with any training and educational needs around supporting the adoption of best practice in your company.

We want to discuss your requirements with you in detail, so we are clear about the reasons for the implementation of corporate governance so we can meet these objectives effectively. It is important for us to know the timescales you are operating in so we can do all we can to meet these.

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