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Marie helped management to identify the key issues and provided efficient legal advice on how to address them. I would thoroughly recommend Huntley Legal’s services.

International Financial Services Firm

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Huntley Legal’s core areas of expertise are:

Company Law: company and business acquisitions and sales, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, agreements to address early and later round fund raising and investment, director's service agreements. We also advise director shareholders preparing to leave their company and succession planning.

Commercial (Business) Law: We can provide a range of commercial agreements covering both B2B and B2C sale of goods, and supply of services, and introducer, distribution and re seller agreements. We also provide  supplier and customer aarramanagers wanting to leave company supplier and customer agreements, including those handled through online sales channels or where services are provided online, including as SaaS or PaaS. We are also able to review the terms offered to your business by its suppliers to ensure that your expectations around the deliverable (goods or services) the timing and standard of delivery are clearly set out (which is the best way to be sure you are well served by your suppliers).

Financial Services Regulation: As a business in the regulated financial services sector you know that regulation impacts on the whole of your business and that meeting the standards set by the regulators is key for your business’ success and survival. We work with a range of FCA Regulated businesses including those in the payment services and insurance sectors and allied fintech and compliance and training spaces.

Insurance and reinsurance law and regulation: for insurance & reinsurance brokers, intermediaries and general managing agents. Services include the delegated binding authority, underwriting and claims handling authority agreements used in various distribution models in the insurance and reinsurance markets, including surplus lines agreements required for some placements; terms of business agreements for professional, commercial and consumer clients. We also offer considerable expertise and experience in regulatory issues including management of regulatory capital, client money and risk transfer issues.

Software and data licensing: advise a range of clients including software developers, data resellers, professional firms and retail businesses on the identification and protection of their intellectual property rights and their licensing requirements; provide a service for registration of trade marks and design marks.

For more detail on each of our services by business sector or type, please view the relevant pages:
Corporate Law
Commercial Law
Financial Services Regulation
Software and data licensing

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Our clients say...

A knowledgeable and friendly service. It has been a pleasure working with Huntley Legal over the past two years. They are always available to help with any concerns that we have and we can be confident that the advice we receive is accurate and correct.

Jeffrey Orton
UK General Insurance Limited

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